Air Conditioning

Can you live through another Summer without your car air conditioning working?

Car Air Conditioning is the corner stone of modern civilisation, well that’s the way we like to think about it. BecFor the coolest air conditioning around, you have to call Pearsalls Auto Careause when you’re stuck in traffic, or on that end of year road trip, if your air conditioning isn’t working properly or not working at all, you feel like you’re in the stone age. Do you really want to get through another hot summer trying to not to sweat? Even if you are only driving from Edgewater to Tapping?

Summer is just around the corner. If there was ever a time to make sure your air condition is working perfectly, Now Is the Time!

Pearsalls Auto Care Wanneroo Air-Conditioning Car Mechanic Repair Western AustraliaPerth can be hot over summer and there’s nothing worse then, sitting in a sweltering car. So bring your car in today and let us have a look at your Air Conditioning, we can service and repair your unit and have you back on the road in no time driving along in comfort.  What’s the point in driving along in a reliable car when your  can’t even enjoy the ride.

 Give Pearsalls Auto Care a Call Today on 9206 0355

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