Your tyres keep you safe. Don’t compromise your safety.

When it comes to Tyres, Pearsalls Auto Care Wanneroo is the only place to have them fittedThe safety of your family and friends when driving with you depends on the quality of your car tyres. The moment they start to wear the more you are increasing the stopping distance of your car and its ability to stay on the road.  At Pearsalls Auto Care in Wanneroo we can check your tyres for you and advise you on their quality and when you need to replace them.

Good Tyres reduce your stopping distance

The more worn they are the longer your stopping distance will be and that can mean the difference between crashing or stopping in time. So when it comes to tyres they are an essential part of your cars safety. When was the last time you had your tyre pressure checked? Did you realise tyres safety is compromised when the pressure is low?

Bring your car into Pearsalls Auto Care and let us take a look at it for you. We can check over your tyres and let you know the condition they’re in. If you need new ones, don’t worry we can help you out. We stock all types of brands and sizes to fit all types of cars. Our primary brand is Kuhmo but if there’s a specific brand like Goodyear you would like then we can fit those for you.

Now matter how safe we can make your car. If the tyres are worn then your safety on the roads is greatly diminished.

Call Pearsalls Auto Care today and let’s us help you this winter


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